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I was not going to be in my office today and a package was due in today 04-22-2011 so I left a BIG note on my door asking Fed-x to deliver next door at my neighbors unit.Now let me explain, next door is 14 feet away.

I am in an industrial complex and I am Suite C and they are Suite B... I have been tracking this package all week and at 2:08 Fex-x showed it delivered, but I did not know the receivers name. I called my neighbor and they said they did not have it. After call fed-x they said it was delivered to a company down the street, 3 buildings away...???

There was no note left on my door and I have no idea why they would have left it there... Well the company is now closed for the weekend and I guess I now have to wait until Monday to go to a company I have never been to and ask for my package that they should not have excepted...??? Or I can just let Fed-x go down and get it, but my luck they will return it to CA undeliverable...

And this is the second Fed-x package in 2 weeks that I have had a complaint about...If had so ship something today, I am sure I would not use Fed-x........

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